Problem-solving the Creative Economy

New! Researching and writing for Two-year Minnesota House Select Committee on Living Wage Jobs

The Minnesota House has set up its first Select Committee in more than twenty years, to improve wages, incomes, and access to jobs. The Committee of four Democrats and three Republicans, chaired by Representative Ryan Winkler, is spending this session studying and learning through testimony and research, will hold public hearings over around the state over the summer and fall, and issue a full report and new legislative proposals for the 2014 session. Topics covered: Minimum wage; job and income distributions by gender, age, race/ethnicity and region; occupational and skill analysis; affirmative action and comparable worth; child care, elder care, and paid family and sick leave; unionization, fair labor standards and unemployment compensation; self-employment; workforce development; economic development incentives.

Arts Economy Initiative: What’s new? Upcoming Talks… Videos…Publications

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