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Alert from The NEA, Guest Teaching, & Newly Published Work

Alert! The National Endowment for the Arts, concerned about the shutdown’s impact on their communications, would like all creative placemakers to know that a webinar on how to apply for the next round of Our Town funding will be held on November 4th, info at

Guest Teaching:

Continuing her teaching/research gigs of one to seven months over the past five years (UCLA, Glasgow School of Art, Brazil’s UFMG Transdisciplinary Center, Korea University, Cornell University), Markusen spent October teaching creative placemaking, world military spending/trade, and development economics at Kyoto’s Ritsumeikan University, with guest lectures at Korea University and Osaka City University. Among wonderful cultural experiences, she thanks her colleagues for the Setouchi (Inland Sea) Art Festival, Noh theatre, Miyama traditional mountain town, Jaedai Matsuri festival, and the spectacular Kyoto Museum for World Peace, an unflinching look at the devastation and causes of World War II and its aftermath.

Newly published:

“Diversifying Support for Artists,” Grantmakers in the Arts Reader 24/3, Fall, 2013: 46 – 51. Documents the creativity of the nonprofit and public sectors in responding to 1990s culture wars cuts in support for artists by developing new funding, new work and exhibition spaces, and entrepreneurial training for artists, as well as broadening the conception of who is an artist.

“Fuzzy Concepts, Proxy Data: Why Indicators Won’t Track Creative Placemaking Success,” International Journal of Urban Sciences, Published on-line, September, 2013, Third incarnation, in an international journal, of Markusen’s critique of use-to-date of indicators to track creative placemaking success.

Upcoming Markusen talks, November-May:

Providence, Kansas City, Ann Arbor, Amsterdam, Winnipeg, New Orleans, Martha’s Vineyard, Glasgow, London

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