Problem-solving the Creative Economy

Markusen honored by high school alma mater and appointed Vice-President of the international Regional Studies Association

Honors, appointments:

Ann Markusen will be awarded the St. Margaret’s Academy Distinguished Alumni Award and be inducted into the 2016 Hall of Honor on February 1 at Benilde/St. Margaret’s Academy.

Ann Markusen appointed as one of six Vice-Presidents of the international Regional Studies Association, November 2015, and is especially delighted to be serving with her long-time colleague and co-author, Clelio Campolina Diniz of Brazil

Winter/Spring talks, panels, teaching:

Arizona State University, Geography and Urban Planning Colloquium, February 29, 2016

3 Million Conference, Arizona State University, Phoenix, March 3-5, 2015

American Association of Geographers’ Annual Meetings, San Francisco, March 29-April 2, 2016, presenting a paper on displacement and placemaking co-authored with Roberto Bedoya, and discussant on two economic development and cultural geography sessions.

Labor and Employment Relations Association, Annual Conference, May 27, Minneapolis, MN, “The Upper Midwest Social Contract: Past, Present, Future”

Markusen to teach the graduate level Arts Organizations and Society course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Fall semester, 2016

New Publications:

Markusen and Gadwa Nicodemus’ review of successful US city creative industry strategies for the Aspen Institute Prague now published:  Ann Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus. 2015. “City Creative Industry Strategies: Unique American Cases.” Cover Story, Aspen Review Central Europe, No. 4, Fall: 15-19.

Ann Markusen’s work with the International Delta Blues Project, her Lunch and Learn presentation in Clarksdale, and her keynote at the 2015 Winning the Race Conference at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi are now written up, with photos, in the following:


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