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An interview with Ann Markusen on her roles and thoughts on the origins and practice of contemporary creative placemaking, published April 2016 in Just Creativity: Perspectives on Inclusive Placemaking. Julia Barnard and Rachel Wexler, “A Conversation with Ann Markusen and Her Word on Creative Placemaking.” Carolina Planning Journal, Volume 41, 2016: 18-21. Click on cover above. (Whole issue available digitally in June 2016:

Ann Markusen’s Foreward for Baltimore’s Arts & Cultural Vital Signs, “What We Learn from Cultural Vital Signs,” March 2016. Click on cover above.

Opening paragraph: Why are Baltimore’s Arts & Cultural Vital Signs so important? Because they enable us – citizens, policymakers, visitors – to see how ubiquitous arts and cultural capacity is across the city. The contributions that artists, arts organizations, and community cultural practices make to the life of a city are our glue. They help us celebrate who we are and our traditions. They encourage us to understand other cultures and traditions. They bring us new ideas, expose social ills, and provide creative means to protest injustice. They delight, challenge, and provoke us. They liberate emotions we didn’t know we had. They are, perhaps, the single most important ingredient in that amorphous thing/place/identity that we call community.

Video of Ann Markusen’s commissioned Bonner Equity Forum lecture at Portland State: “Creative Placemaking”

Video of Ann Markusen’s interactive session, How do we Know Creative Placemaking is Working?  WaterFire Conference in Providence RI: The Art of Placemaking,

Ann Markusen leads a discussion in an attempt to answer the following important questions: What are the missions of creative placemaking? How can we monitor progress over short periods of time? What research methods are best suited to the challenge? Who are the audiences for evaluation? What’s your best story about how research and evaluation led to better outcomes, and for whom?

Video of Ann Markusen’s short summary of research on the employment effects of raising minimum wages available on line:

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