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Let’s Give Minnesota Some Affirmative Action for Winter

MinnPost publishing Markusen’s First-of-the-Year column with photo and comments:

Markusen articles for regional weeklies and upcoming research, talks 2017

Ann Markusen writing for regional weekly newspapers in northern Minnesota. To create conversations around everything from the women’s march to immigrant issues to taxes to public schools, restorative justice, consumer protections, our environment, and beyond, I’m writing for the Cloquent Pine Journal, Floodwood Forum and Grand Rapids Herald Tribune, often with photos. I’m hoping to […]

Markusen on Art and Politics

Depressed about the election what’s to come? Join the interactive talk and discussion with economist Ann Markusen on Art and Politics The talk explores why art and artists are a challenge for government, how prior initiatives like the New Deal employment programs for artists worked, and what artists and arts organizations can do in the […]

Fall Chicago Arts Organizations in Society Grad Course

This fall, Ann Markusen is teaching Arts Organizations in Society, at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to 27 graduate students from around world (Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, Colombia, Chiapas, China, Canada and the US). We’re covering many topics: art and politics, race/class/gender, gentrification, evaluation, arts participation, arts policy with great readings (everyone writes […]

New Publications and Videos of Talks

An interview with Ann Markusen on her roles and thoughts on the origins and practice of contemporary creative placemaking, published April 2016 in Just Creativity: Perspectives on Inclusive Placemaking. Julia Barnard and Rachel Wexler, “A Conversation with Ann Markusen and Her Word on Creative Placemaking.” Carolina Planning Journal, Volume 41, 2016: 18-21. Click on cover […]